more than a copywriter


Ah, the self-indulgent bit of the website where I get to bang on about myself for a while.

At my core, I’m a B2B Sales Copywriter. As such, I’ve written many words for business, occasionally in the right order.

I’ve learned that businesses struggle with working out what to say on their websites, social posts and general marketing messages.

They also don’t seem to have much fun doing it either.

And that’s what prompted me to create De-Bland Your Brand.

What's DBYB All About?

Generally speaking, for B2B companies, LinkedIn is your social platform of choice.

But it’s an odd place with a confused identity. It started as a purely networking platform for business people to connect and do some biz. There was a very corporate feel to it and its logo may as well have been pinstriped.

As a result, all the posts were very corporate and safe. Lots of humblebragging (“So proud…”). Plenty of pictures of people on team-building exercises. And, of course, the awards. Oh, my days, the endless awards.

The LinkedIn Police were always on patrol with their “This isn’t Facebook” comments on any post that dared to stray away from the established formats. And it put a lot of people off using the platform.

Fortunately, those days are gone and LinkedIn has embraced the “Social” aspect of social media. But, the past echoes through and it’s still a very boring, bland place to visit. Companies are wary about what to post and so they tend to stay with the “safe” posts and (ironically) not draw attention to themselves.

This is great news for any brand that wants to stand out, as the bar is lower than a snail’s pedicure.

And even the most starchy CEO has a sense of humour somewhere, so comedy is a powerful tool to use if you can get it right.

Why Me?


I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to technical things. In a previous life, I was an engineer and always love learning about new tech. That’s why I like working with companies who have a complex product or service that’s hard to explain.


A critical skill for any copywriter is the ability to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. I love working out who’s your audience and what will make them smile.


Let’s face it. The world can be a fairly depressing place. Every day brings more bad news from somewhere. So I think it’s time to have some fun. Your business can still be professional and show a sense of humour.

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