The De-Bland Your Brand Process

Here’s the overview of my process and some examples of the Unifying Theme templates

the Process

The De-Bland Your Brand process is pretty simple. 



You talk me through your business. What you do, how you do it, and why you’re so awesome at what you do.

Tell me everything I need to know about your customers’ problems, the associated pains, and your solution.

We’ll uncover some relatable truths that will resonate with your audience.



I’ll explain the Unifying Themes, and we’ll throw around some ideas.

We’ll get creative and see what we can develop that will take the blandness out of your brand.

I’ll then draft out a proposal of how your Unifying Theme would work. Within that, I’ll create example social posts, hashtags, and taglines.



You’ll love it. You’ll see you now have an all-encompassing brand identity.

Your teams will have something they can talk about and keep in the core of their communications.

But most of all, your audience will love it because we’ll make them laugh. Without realising it, they’ll move along the “Know, Like, Trust” journey.





Your website now speaks to your dream buyer. 

Your social posts get engagement.

Your sales team get inbound enquiries.

Your company has a brand with something to say.


The themes

These are just a few examples of my Unifying Themes to give you the idea.


This is a great theme to use when you want to celebrate a sub-section of your audience.

It’s not about idolising your company or product/service. That would be tacky. No, it’s about finding a relatable truth with your audience and elevating it to god-like status.

So,If your customers are engineers, why not put innovation on the pedestal? Maybe talk about all the cool things engineers do and the problems they solve.


No, not a person. We’re not trying to bully or belittle anyone.

The demonise theme is perfect for playfully poking fun at something your audience does or uses.

It could be a piece of software that everyone uses but hates using (looking at you Microsoft). Or it could be an industry-wide practice or limiting belief.


Take your audience behind the scenes of your business. Show them what goes into providing your product or service.

Lifting the bonnet on your business demonstrates transparency and draws your audience into your world.

Then exaggerate it for comedy effect. So, you could talk about the Himalayan mountain where you get the ice for your drinks.


Show your audience what life will be like if they don’t use your product or service. Or how amazing it could be if they do.

Visualising is another powerful tool to use to make your audience see the error of their ways.

Again, exaggeration is the key to this theme, as you can flip between a desolate wasteland and a tropical paradise to show them the different realities.

And many, many more...

And the beauty is that we can switch to a different theme every couple of months to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Overall, you should never be short of something to talk about if you refer back to your theme.

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